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Leo W, Devonshire House Prep School

Salt to the Sea

The novel Salt to the Sea is a nail-biting book that you will read nonstop untill the end. The book is written by Ruta Sepetys, who is well-known for writing books based on World War 2. She has written other books (Between Shades of Gray) too. This story is set in January 1945 when Hitler orders evacuation. Salt to the Sea's main characters are Joana, Florian, Emilia and Alfred, all of whom are from different backgrounds with their own story to share. They are all trying to escape from the Red Army by fleeing on the Wilhem Gustlof. My favourite character has to be Joana because she is an inspirational character who cares for the sick and motivates me.
This is an interesting novel because all the main characters support Hitler in some way. The reader will be shocked by all the horrific details throughout the book like when some people try to get on the boat but can't so 'mothers will throw their infants to passengers on deck but they couldn't throw high enough and plunged into the sea and mothers dove in to rescue their children.' It is very effective in showing how mothers during WW2 hoped for their children to have a future. Overall I rate this novel five stars because of the writing style, genre and hope this book offers.

Posted on: 17th May 2017 at 02:10 pm

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