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Yucelay, Chobham Academy Book Group

Wolf Hollow

Full of mystery, fantastic characters and a nail biting plot-my kind of book. Through the course of the book, you are a young girl named Annabelle. Through her eyes, you watch everything suddenly drop downhill;first Betty comes. Then people get hurt. Then someone dies. You feel as if everything is happening there in front of you, the book swallowing you up with every word, taking twists and turns in a fantastically scary way. The only thing I would have had changed would be so that it ends on a cliff hanger as I like books which make you ponder and think all the way through, even after you've read it. However, I think that it was a brilliant idea to make the book a first person view upon things as it magnifies every inch of it. I think the greatest success of this book was the character Toby. Toby is someone who has survived the great war, and has clearly been affected by the whole event. While some in the village of Wolf Hollow think that he's strange and potentially dangerous, Annabelle knows different. She knows that he has an undiscovered side to him and soon removes the blanket, revealing more than just another story. *SPOILER ALERT* I had to hold my breath for about the last thirty pages, and just when everything settles down-BAM!Toby dies and you finish the book in absolute disbelief...

Posted on: 17th May 2017 at 02:43 pm

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