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Ellyn , Woodroffe Book Surfers


I thoroughly enjoyed Rook, because the narrative was one that I very much favour - first person, honest and chatty. This type of narrative really helps me engage in a book, because I form a strong bond with the narrator and feel various emotions, for example when Stanno's mother was blaming Nicky for causing Peter's fit, I felt angry and as though Nicky needed to speak up - as Peter's treatment of Nicky was not exactly that of the kind, caring actions of Jenny. Additionally, I liked how Rook's journey mirrored and correlated Nicky's - this acted as a good device to allow a sub-plot to occur and frame the narrative. The way McGowan included characters with disabilities was a great way to banish any stigmas and make people see that they're just like anyone else. The quotation that best suggested this was "they looked as happy to be getting out of school as every other kid in the history of the universe." Finally to conclude the review the following quotations are ones that particularly stuck out to me : "But I was also doing it because of Kenny's story. It made me realise that our lives are all about the stories we tell. In fact, our lives are a story. And it's up to you how you tell it. You can tell it sad, or you can tell it happy. You can be a good guy or a bad guy." and "There's something about laughing together like that, that makes you ... close. It dissolves the barriers between you. There's just the real you and the real other person, touching, even if there's a whole table in between you." All in all a very good, fairly easy going book! I would read more by Anthony McGowan!

Posted on: 16th April 2018 at 02:11 pm

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