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Judit, Nijntje

Wolf Hollow


Overall I didn’t get the same feeling of satisfaction as from the other books. I thought that the ending wasn’t that nice, as two people died. I really liked the middle of the book though, because it was interesting and pretty unpredictable. I felt that the beginning of the book wasn’t too catchy or interesting. Probably if I would’ve seen this book in the library, I wouldn't have started reading it because the title is Wolf Hollow and I would think it’s about wolves, when in reality Wolf Hollow is only the name of the place they are. I really liked the way the book advanced from one thing to another. When one thing happened it lead to another thing and at the end all of the things helped find the lost girl. I didn’t like the way people believed in the lies of one person and not the truth of the other or that an innocent person died just because one of the people lied about her intentions and actions. I would rate this book an 8/10 because overall the book was pretty interesting excluding the beginning and it had a bit of mystery and adventure which I like. I would recommend this book to young teenagers, as it didn't contain a lot of bad details and I think that young teenagers would like it.

Posted on: 18th May 2017 at 08:01 am

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