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Hanna, BSG


Rook by Anthony McGowan follows the everyday life of brothers Kenny and Nicky as they learn more about one another through the discovery of an injured rook. This is a heartwarming tale of friendship, love and caring that makes for an enjoyable read.

I really enjoyed the way Rook was written mostly due to the interesting and unique description. Everyday occurrences were described in a new interesting manner that managed to put words to feelings that had never really been described before. As well as having a good balance of dialogue and narrative, there were great some vocabulary choices that helped emphasize certain scenes and moments. The writing flowed well and was easy to read.

The plot of Rook was fairly grounded and was filled with everyday occurrences that are believable. Despite not covering any ground breaking territory, the novel is not boring or dull. The ending however, was slightly disappointing. After being grounded and realistic, the ending seems rather odd and different in tone. The book ends with everything turning out perfectly. Nicky does not have to face the consequences of his actions and, at the book's climax, his life ends up unrealistically perfectly. Sad as it would be, perhaps ending with the death of Rooky would continue teaching the reader about the struggles of life and having to move on after death.

Finally, one last thing that helps make Rook an enjoyable book are the characters. All the characters have flaws and they could all be said to teach different lessons. For example, Nicky teaches us to not take out our anger on others because the consequences might be extremely severe and Kenny allows readers to remember the joy of childhood while still teaching us the dangers of not accepting change.

I would recommend Rook to my friends as a nice, easy and enjoyable read. However, I probably will not read it again since I do not feel I need to. Excluding the swearing, this book is appropriate for all readers 10+.

Posted on: 16th April 2018 at 08:14 pm

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