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Chloe, Malbank

After the Fire

I read After the Fire by Will Hill. I thought that is was a good story and some parts were believable. It was a slow read to start with, because it was quite hard to get into, but once I started reading it more, I found that it sped up and was making more sense. My favourite characters were Moonbeam, Nate and Honey, because they were able to see Father John for who he really was and they were able to get him found out. The ending was good, however it was a shock because I wasn't really expecting the ending to be what it was. I would recommend this book for 12 and up, because it has some bad language in, and some adult concepts. This book is quite hard to understand, but I think the author tells it in a good way, between flashback and flash forward. I was quite happy with the whole story because it kept me interested until the very end. I would rate this 8/10.

Posted on: 17th April 2018 at 09:35 am

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