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Anon, Keep Calm and Carnegie


I read Release in the course of two days - so I must have enjoyed it - right? However, I am not to sure.

The entire book takes part in just one day and centres around the main protagonist, Adam, a 16 year old boy. Adam is scared of telling his parents (a pastor and his wife) that he is gay, although he suspects that they may have their suspicions. He does have a boyfriend (who he keeps secret from his family) and a lovely and fiercely loyal best friend, Angela. During Adam's day it just seems to go from bad to worse for him after a series of revelations and encounters.

Alongside this story, runs a fantastical story about a spirit rising out of the lake in the form of a 'Queen' and a mythical fawn following her. This story seemed very disjointed from Adams story until the very end of the novel.

Overall I liked the book and some of the characters in it, however I did not like that it was set in the course of just one day as I felt the story was rushed and I couldn't invest in the characters fully. I also did not enjoy the fantasy story running through it. Patrick Ness however is a brilliant writer that keeps you reading. I would give this book 3/5.

Posted on: 20th March 2018 at 11:28 am

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