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Luca, British School of Gran Canaria


Railhead is set in the far future in which all humans have left Earth and journeyed to different dimensions and worlds. Space travel is very different in this book. Spaceships don't exist, but networks of gigantic gateways through space do. They are called K-Gates. You can only pass through these by riding special trains. These interstellar vehicles all have thoughts and feelings. They can be kind, happy, sad and even psychotic! A railhead is someone who loves the trains and the infinite journeys they make possible.

The story is about a young railhead named Zen who is hired to steal and rob. Zen encounters humans, machines, mutant insects, trains and androids known as Motorik on his adventures. Zen falls in love with a Motorik who insists she is human in every way that matters. All the characters in this book are described perfectly, each having their own unique characteristics and feelings.

It's an entertaining and exciting book packed with interesting concepts. There is a touch of humour here and there which makes the book come to life. Fans of science fiction and action will definitely love this great book. It's a must read for lovers of these genres.

Posted on: 18th May 2017 at 09:24 am

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