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Sophie, Toot!


There is no denying the fact that Patrick Ness can write. His words are captivating and poetic.

I was enticed by Release as I wondered what sort of story this was going to be. How a vengeful spirit would entwine into this boys life. However, after reading the story I am only left perplexed. The two storylines remain separate all the way through. Adams story is really well rounded; we see a segment of his life as he tries to get over an old flame. He has trouble at work and with his family and its very much a coming of age story. It has heart and drama and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The problem occurs when the 'Queens' story comes into play. A dead girls spirit doesn't pass over and instead hijacks the 'Queen' who I can only imagine is the Queen of the underworld but I am not entirely sure as her origins are never explained or elaborated on. She just is and we have to accept it. This story follows a spirit trying to seek revenge on the person who killed her and entails carnage and a fawn who may/may not be a cannibal. This storyline was really messy and had me scratching my head a lot at times. I am not sure why Ness brought the two unrelated stories together.

Maybe I missed the point? I am not sure. I really enjoyed the writing and the stories if I counted them separately. My issue with this book was that they didn't mesh at all and the 'Queens' story made little sense as we never knew what was truly going on there.

I have judged this review on the Adam storyline alone as I enjoyed that a lot but unfortunately, this book left me wondering a bit too much.

Posted on: 17th April 2018 at 11:22 am

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