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Sophie, Toot!

Beyond the Bright Sea

There were only a couple of things I enjoyed about this book. I loved the characters and the books setting. These were really fleshed out and gave you a sense of family and community.

However, the story itself felt a little dry. We have a mystery: Crow was only a baby when she washed up on an island and was rescued and brought up by a man named Osh, who had a little help from his neighbor, Miss Maggie. Crow is older now and wants to know where she came from. She has an amazing adoptive family but wants to know more. All the people on the neighboring islands believe she hails from the leper colony. This is when the mystery starts. Where does Crow come from?

The book doesn't leave you questioning for long. In fact, we find out almost immediately where Crow comes from which is really anti-climatic. The story then becomes a treasure hunt as they search for Crow's inheritance which surprise! They find really quickly too! It all came too easily and quickly. The story lacked suspense or surprise.

The antagonist of the story is stupid. He is literally the stupidest thief going! Again anti-climatic bad guy.

So what I'm saying is that for me this journey was extremely underwhelming and never sunk its teeth into me. The cast of characters that Wolk created was its only saving grace but they still weren't enough. I feel like others might like it and I went in with too much expectation but there you go.

I only wished we had learned more about Osh and Miss Maggie. Those two were the best.

Posted on: 17th April 2018 at 11:22 am

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