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Mrs Beach, City Readers


I was unaware of the controversy surrounding this book when I began reading it. Straight away I felt engaged - here is a 'proper' story! The novel is extremely well written so much so that you live every moment with Beck which makes the scene with the priest in the bathroom and cellar all the more horrifying and disturbing. However I did not find this episode gratuitous at all - the insidious talk of the priest was vividly conveyed alongside Beck's complete inexperience of love. It packed a powerful punch.

This was a fantastic story about how it feels to be a complete outcast in every way - no family, no love, no money, not belonging to any race, and Beck's determination to survive was uplifting. However this book should not win as we are unable to loan it to any student under 16 because of the disturbing content and so will not have been read by the majority of shadowers.

Posted on: 18th May 2017 at 10:25 am

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