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Mimi, Fortismere


Railhead is boring and unimaginative. The characters, especially Zen Starling, are stereotypical . However, the description of scenery and imagery, is well done. An outcast, with a difficult life who has to make a choice between unclear good and evil, a forbidden love, an adventure, a traitor, evil and good. This book is dull and predictable. The actual idea of this book, the world it is set in and the new inventions, are good and could have built an incredible book, but the author goes on to ruin it. Even the name, Zen Starling is overly symbolic, overly creative, almost, something that a reader would expect, then he meets a man with the name of bird as well, what can you expect? these people are obviously going to be connected in some way. As well as this, the book is emotionless, Zen leaves his family and shows absolutely no attachment to them whatsoever, he doesn't seem to worry, he doesn't seem to care, he doesn't even seem to wonder. The love story going on between Zen and Nova is one that is common in so many books, should I love them, even though they aren't human? Aren't like me? even though it's not allowed? Unoriginal and, in my opinion, over the top, the author has tried top hard for this book to work, everything symbolises something, everything means something, nothing is left to just be.

Posted on: 18th May 2017 at 11:18 am

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