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Susannah, King Alfreds Academy

Wolf Hollow

Annabelle lives in Wolf Hollow in 1943 on a farm with her parents, grandparents, brothers and aunt, Lily.
Toby is a strange wanderer who lives in a shack nearby.
Betty is a new girl at school who bullies Annabelle. At first it's just threats, then she hits her with a stick, - then more uncertain, more sinister things. A garrotte wire stretched across a path; a rock thrown at a girl who then loses her eye. But then Betty goes missing and everyone blames Toby. Annabelle hides him in the hayloft of their barn and is faced with an even more difficult task. How can she prove Toby's innocence?
I liked this book because it was sad and kind of deep. I also liked the way Annabelle's mind worked, seeing everything as a maths problem, needing to be solved. However, it was a bit slow in parts.

Posted on: 18th May 2017 at 11:46 am

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