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Susannah, Chobham Academy Book Group


This book is about a guy's life. Sounds cheesy but that's what it is. Beck is young when all his known family die. Sadly his mother's last words are 'There's three pounds put away for you. It's in...' Then she dies. So Beck goes to an orphanage run by nuns, then is 'shipped out', along with lots of other boys, to Canada. He is taken to another orphanage run by some friendly seeming Brothers (churchy ones, not siblings) who nickname him 'Chocolat' because of his dark skin. However, they sexually abuse him and whip him with a cane thing, then send him off to be a farmer's helper. They despise him because of his race and he hates them back, so at the first opportunity he steals their stuff and runs away. Half frozen and nearly dead, he is found by an alcohol smuggler after falling asleep in his truck. Instead of leaving Beck to die (as is suggested by his friends) Bones (the alcohol smuggler) and his wife take him in and teach him how to help them. But of course, this doesn't last. When a routine evening smuggling alcohol across the border goes wrong, Bones and his wife must flee their home and part ways with Beck. They instruct him to head for Vancouver, and give him money, which is stolen almost straight away. As the train is no longer an option, he has to walk and hitchhike. Fast forward two years, he meets a woman named Grace, who falls in love straight away. She offers him a job, which he accepts. Slowly he falls in love with her, but shortly after learning that she feels the same way, leaves Grace's farm for fear she'll fire him. Grace is heartbroken. Beck keeps walking and hitchhiking on his way to Vancouver. He meets a friendly truck driver, to whom he tells his life story. The guy basically points out that Beck was an idiot and should go back to Grace. He does, and they all live happily ever after.
This book was interesting, but I feel like it had a too-perfect ending and that someone should've dies or something, to add to the drama and tragedy. But I guess that's only because I do drama and we're supposed to think about 'dramatic potential'.

Posted on: 18th May 2017 at 12:10 pm

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