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Emily, The John Mason Readers

Beyond the Bright Sea

Beyond the bright sea is a breathtakingly beautiful story about a young girl called Crow who was sent away on an old boat where Osh found her with only a soaking wet letter where only a few words remain and a ruby ring. Osh named her crow after her birth mark in the shape of a birds feather. Ever since Osh found her, Crow has been living with Osh on a tiny windswept island in the Elizabeths and having regular lessons from Miss Maggie. People on Cuttyhunk always seem scared of her but Crow doesn't care until she sees a mysterious fire in the distance. After this Crow is determined to find out her past and also why everyone is so terrified of her. Beyond the Bright sea is a story of adventure, bravery and love and a great book.

I really enjoyed Beyond The Bright Sea but found that it had a bit of a slow start and took a while to get going. Also I was extremely confused at what animal the character Mouse was for it didn't say in the story. However I loved the storyline, the description and the characters and enjoyed it! I would rate this book 3 out of five and believe it is a good book for 11 years and above!

Posted on: 17th April 2018 at 04:37 pm

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