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Sophie C, Christ's Shadowers


Rook was a great book which i really enjoyed reading. I liked that Rook was about two brothers who found an injured rook and were trying to keep it alive. When I started reading rook i thought that i wouldn't enjoy it as i thought it was all about the bird, but as i kept reading i realized that it was just the starting point of the book. I liked the fact that the bird was just the baseline and we were hearing almost two stories: Nicky's home life - and the bird - and Nicky's school life.
Rook was easy to read because it was fairly short and easy to understand. The character's were believable and i could empathize with them. I would recommend Rook to everyone and i think that people of a wide age and ability range would enjoy it.

Posted on: 17th April 2018 at 07:48 pm

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