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Lucy, BSG


Rook by Anthony McGowan was definitely an easy read. The book was simple and interesting enough.
Rook follows a 14 year old boy from a struggling family as he tries to get to grips with bullies, crushes and a brother that is finally gaining some independence of his own. On top of all that, the two brothers rescue a rook that they'd found on the brink of death.
The story is told throughout the sequence of a few days and that left me feeling that the story was incomplete. The book was very short and the plot was subsequently simple enough to fit within those 120 pages. I felt that Rook didn't have anything outstanding or unique about it and that lead to a feeling that McGowan could have expanded on his characters and the events within the book a little bit more.
The fact that the book did not include that much on the bird that it was named after was disappointing as I half expected a sudden turn of events where there would be a lot of rook in it. It felt like McGowan wanted something to name the book after and added in a few dashes of Rook. The book started and ended with rooks but there wasn't much in between.
The characters were interesting enough but felt only half developed as mentioned before because of the amount told about each character - and not in a mysterious way. I found the male protagonist unlikeable and he was just a little too grouchy and too hormonal.
The ending was a nice conclusion to Rook but not a very good ending in itself in my opinion. I enjoyed the fact that it actually reverted back to its namesake for at least a little bit.
Overall, I would rate rook 3/5 as it just wasn't to my liking. It was easy and simple to read and could be read by people younger that its recommended age if it wasn't for the profanitive language spoken by some charcters. I would not recommend it it to anybody else and would not read it again but it wasn't a terrible book. Just a book I didn't really enjoy reading as it wasn't to my taste.

Posted on: 17th April 2018 at 09:09 pm

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