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Rosie, Sir Harry Smith Community College

Wed Wabbit

Wed Wabbit was the first book I read. I liked the beginning of the story when Minnie was in an accident as it was dramatic and was an important part of the story. Once they were in the land of Wimbely Woos I found the story dragged on. There wasn't much happening and the intro to the fantasy world was to long. About half way through the book I really started to enjoy it because they had got an idea of what they had to do to save the wimbley woos' home land and the characters changed becoming more brave and interactive. As the characters started to use there plan the story ploughed on quicker and redeemed itself to be a good book. With Graham getting over his fears and helping he really bought the story together and Fidge as the leader found problems that needed to be solved and resolved them. She made the story what it is, with the contest and understanding the scrolls riddles, with the help of Ella.
Ella the elephant was a girl you would expect to only focus on her dancing and performing but at points throughout the story she pointed out major things that needed to be done.
I thought that the competition was the best part, with using all the wimbelys' secret strengths against the blue. Luring them away from the castle, using Graham as the look out and defeating Wed Wabbit.
One thing I didn't like was the fact that all the reviews said the book was hilarious, when personally I only found two things funny, "caring for their farts" which only made me laugh under my breath and when Minnie's mum talked through the phone but actually through a remote controller, however it wasn't funny enough to make me laugh.
overall Wed Wabbit was a good book with a great ending and a good story line.

Posted on: 18th April 2018 at 10:44 am

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