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Emily W, Sir Harry Smith Community College

Where the World Ends

This book is just so boring. The idea of the plot is alright, and maybe with a better author, it'd be great. Some of the things could've been developed more, like John's transsexual-ness and the multiple romances that for some reason occurred after. It just was bad.

The names and some lines, were top quality though. Quilliam. I almost actually cried with laughter when I read that. WHY IS HIS NAME QUILLIAM?!
And the thing about fencing someone in? Well that's just plain sexist to be honest. Murdo acted horribly towards John, then was absolutely shocked when she rejected him. He called her a whore and jesebel, then is like "Oh dear, I wonder why she doesn't like me. I am a manly man, and perfect for her. I didn't apologize because I am a manly man who'd rather kill birds."

I kept losing focus, and couldn't read it for more than like half an hour. I don't like this book. At all.

Posted on: 18th April 2018 at 10:52 am

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