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Railhead follows the story of Zen Starling in an exciting new universe, where sapient trains ride k-gates to and past planets in entirely different solar systems, humanoid Motoriks do most of the dangerous jobs, and the entire thing is controlled by entities on the datasea, the Guardians, self-aware Als who founded the k-bahn and allowed the humans to leave old earth.
Zen is a thief, robbing rich jeweller's to feed his family. Until he was followed by a mysterious girl in a red coat, and met her master, his life was as simple as it could be.
Now he is riding a train which belongs to the most important families, pretending to be one of their own and being enveloped by hive monks.
What really made me enjoy RAILHEAD though, is not the action. I was amazed by how complex the world Reeve had created was. It was so detailed, so intricate that I felt just like I was there with the characters ( I cried for the Wildfire and Time of Gifts).
It really doesn't matter whether or not fantasy and sci-fi are your favourite genres, this world has the power to delight anyone and everyone- please pick up and enjoy ! 5*****

Posted on: 18th May 2017 at 03:02 pm

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