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The Stars at Oktober Bend

'The Stars at Oktober Bend' written by the infamous Australian author Glenda Millard is about a girl called Alice Nightingale, who is fifteen. After a tragic assault on her when she was twelve, her mind works differently and critically wrong, affecting her speech as well.

She lives with her brother Joey, her grandmother, who is called "gram" throughout the story, and her dog, Bear. Because she cannot go to school, she stays at home and writes poems and creates fish lures. Although she is completely innocent, she always gets bullied by a group of boys. When she thinks her fortune is not on her side anymore, she met Manny James.
Manny James is a boy from Sierra Leone who tries to escape and forget his memories of his homeland. Fortunately, he meets Louisa James who decides to adopt him. However, his world really brightens when he meets Alice. He remembers her poem well and becomes friends afterwards. Finally, it is said that Manny and Alice both have feelings for each other.
In my opinion, this book is very interesting as we have to look at the story in the characters' perspectives. In our world, we live happily and we all are wealthy and well educated. However, many out there have to suffer from their disability, despite that, some stands to fight with their fortune.
This story contains themes of love, family, friendship, tragedy and comedy. The book and Glenda Millard should be globally known as they point out how our world were divided and how we can help each other to happiness. You will be shock by what the characters have to go through and weep as they share their passion and memories with us.

Posted on: 18th May 2017 at 04:04 pm

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