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Charley C, Chobham Academy Book Group


Wow. For a book made with a target age of young children, this book was exceptionally meaningful; exemplary really. Firstly, the illustrations themselves were very smooth and had a childish, cartoony effect. The fact that each drawing had a hidden illustration planted within it was extremely fun and worthy of high reviews. Secondly, the colours used were brilliant, complimenting each other in an array of lights and darks, much like a real forest. Finally, and most importantly, the drawings fit together like puzzle pieces and told of a topic which many are afraid to touch on. Deforestation. The obsessive cleaning caused the little badger to create an unhomely atmosphere, in which no natural wildlife could thrive. In conclusion, the illustrations in this book were smooth and continuous, brilliant upon every look.

Posted on: 18th May 2017 at 04:38 pm

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