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iona, St Bede's Inter-Church School


i did not like beck.
the start was... dark i suppose. its hard to find the right words. although it was graphic i felt it was necessary to the rest of the story. the timeline of the book jumped around a lot and, whilst that is meaningful(since beck doesn't know his own age), it was greatly confusing at many points in the book. the author[s] introduce new characters very well with a quick summary of their story. i was less keen on the writing style. i understand it is meant to represent the way the characters think but i felt it was undeceive. it went from flowing and poetic to blunt colloquialisms in the space of three words. the end, to me, was boring. i didn't enjoy the start for obvious reasons but after beck arrived in that small town to go to that farm i started to care. i wanted beck to get out and be happy. by the time he reached the last character he was to stay with i was quite interested. however, as he stayed there i started to stop caring. i wanted the story to end. he was happy, all was good and i didn't really care anymore. the book lost me. the last 100 pages seem completely pointless, a waste of my time.

over all i didn't like beck. by the end of the book the characters just annoyed me. it was an interesting idea and it was quite well executed and the author[s] clearly put a lot of effort into the style of the book.

Posted on: 18th May 2017 at 05:30 pm

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