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Lucy, Petts Wood Bookworms

The Stars at Oktober Bend

The imagery in this book is beautiful. Although a nightmare for those as pedantic as me, the story and characters had such beautiful flow. Scenes like the swimming in the forest and the football matches really transformed the book. The poetry was an added plus to the fragile character of Alice.
Manny shone a new light on the difficulty of fostering/adoption but Millard was clever in creating an independently minded character that outshone the challenges of his new family and world.
I enjoyed the book and after rethinking with the rest of the library club, have decided that it is a strong contender for the winner.
It may be a bit mild compared to Beck and Salt to the Sea, but it is also clever and heartwarming.
Because it is written in the perspective of a hurt-15-year-old, in reality, I found it quite immature even with the serious issues of rape and discrimination. I'm not sure if it worked wholly as a concept, however, I found that Millard made the best of a difficult situation.
The book is clever and worth a read...with perseverance!

Posted on: 18th May 2017 at 08:57 pm

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