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The Stars at Oktober Bend

"The Stars At Oktober Bend" took me by surprise. I picked up this book thinking it was going be your average story of a girl with a bad background falling in love with a boy with an even worse background. I COULD NOT HAVE BEEN MORE WRONG. It blew me away.
The story mainly follows Alice, a girl who has speech difficulties, and finds it hard to read and write. We also read about Manny, a boy who has had to leave his home country because of violence. They both have dark secrets from their past and the story of love, forgiveness and redemption takes you on a journey.
The story is told from Manny and mostly Alice's points of view. When reading from Alice's point of view there are no capital letters at the beginning of sentences, reading this writing helps you to understand Alice and how hard it must be for her. The writing is so unique and lyrical; Alice's poems are just stunning and show she's more than she appears.
Manny's chapters are written in normal prose. I personally would have liked more from Manny as the story focuses so much on Alice it kind of dragged away from Manny and his background.
The characters in this book really stood out they all developed as the story went on and I loved them all but my favourite had to be Alice. Even with everything she's been through she still wants to try, not to give up and that was so inspiring. Alice inspired me not to give up and to me that is something not all books can do.
The relationships in this book made half the book it is. Manny and Alice's relationship was different from any teen romance I've ever read. It wasn't all lovey dovey, it was real, the story didn't focus on them snuggled up together but on how they truly loved each other and would do anything for one another.
Alice's relationship with her brother was again so different. Joey, still growing up himself, helped Alice and did everything for her. Their relationship was so nice to read about and it grew gradually stronger.
"The Stars At Oktober Bend" is unforgettable, it's not perfect but so inspirational and I hope everyone who reads takes something from it. If you haven't read it you have to - you won't regret it.

Posted on: 18th May 2017 at 09:00 pm

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