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Zameer Ashrif SOM.Dist, Chobham Academy Book Group


Science fiction as a whole genre is expanding into children's literature, and in a big way. As a result, writers have tried to move away from the dystopian variety which has become as stodgy and predictable as cake and custard in school dinners. Thankfully, Reeve has managed to almost reinvented the wheel for the genre, creating mystical and wondrous worlds which the reader is figuratively transported to.

The novel is set in the distant future where the human race has moved away from Earth and relocated across the farthest reaches of the cosmos. These worlds are accessible by a series of high speed intergalactic trains, which weirdly have emotions and feelings.

The story's protagonist is Zen, a young railhead enlisted by an enigmatic ringleader, whose aim is to commit theft on board a train. Along his travels, he meets a Motorik, who insists she is human, which causes tension in their relationship and becomes harder to refute as time goes on.

The best parts of the book would include the physics elements which Reeve has cleverly crafted into the story, some of which appeals to the budding physicists in the audience (including myself). Some jokes would only be understood if the audience has at least a rudimentary understanding of science, which makes it appeal to the more intellectually inclined.

Overall, Reeveā€™s book is a tremendous read, with a storyline that transports you across its farthest reaches via an interstellar express, leaving you angling for the next ride.

Posted on: 18th May 2017 at 10:02 pm

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