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Lucy, BSG

Wed Wabbit

Wed Wabbit was just a ridiculously light and happy book. It was definitely a change from some of the heavier books also shortlisted but I enjoyed it and the contrasting themes made it stand out.
Wed Wabbit is about a girl trapped in The Land of the Wimbley Woos under a mean colour-stealing dictator who just happens to be her little sister's favourite toy. In a land where everything is spoken in verse, Fidge and her cousin Graham must save the land that was created by Minnie's imagination.
I enjoyed the carefree happy vibes that this book gave off. It felt like a perfect goodbye to those childhood books we use to read and my nostalgia definitely kicked in a few times. The plot was simplistic but interesting and I enjoyed the nature and the imagination in this book.
The fact that all the speech spoken by the Wimbley Woos was in verse was really fun and I enjoyed reading them out loud and in my own head. The writing was easy to comprehend and it was fun and childish but appropriate at the same time. I liked the little touch at the end when Minnie finally learnt how to pronounce her 'r's properly and calls Wed Wabbit Red Rabbit as it was a nice little conclusion.
The ending was expected but comforting and warm. I especially liked the 'heart' bit of the poem which Fidge said as 'fart' as a joke repeated at the end and at the beginning. The new storybook where all the characters were multi-coloured was a nice touch to end Wed Wabbit on a high.
I enjoyed Wed Wabbit as it was just an uplifting little story which promotes unity and happiness over colour and evil dictators. 4/5

Posted on: 18th April 2018 at 05:01 pm

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