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Neharika, Kingsley Readers

Wolf Hollow

Wolf Hollow was an enchanting and unpredictable novel that exceeded my expectations. It took the usual cliche of a bully appearing into an innocent child's life and turned it into something much, much more.
Annabelle, our main character, is a kind, youthful optimist, whose peaceful life is shattered when Betty Glengarry enters her life.
The book beautifully displays how one's past can haunt you forever, and how one small accusation could potentially destroy a person's life.
A prevalent theme in the book was Annabelle's age- specifically, the difference between the treatment of a child and an adult. How in one small moment, Annabelle would be treated like an "adult", yet yearns to be a "child" once more.

There are multiple tear-jerking scenes in Wolf Hollow, however, it felt as if as if the book was forcefully trying to grab your emotions. The scenes came suddenly, without warning and they seemed almost out of place. Instead of feeling sorrowful, you would be left confused and re-reading the passage of text, wondering if you had misread a certain line.
Furthermore, although the unpredictableness of the storyline was thoroughly engaging, I felt as if most of the characters themselves were not explored enough. Betty's cruel actions were never justified, nor were the townsfolk's.

Despite this, Wolf Hollow was a very enjoyable read that I recommend to anyone looking for a heart-wrenching, tragic tale.

Posted on: 19th May 2017 at 07:12 am

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