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Emily, Nailsea School Book Club

Salt to the Sea

This book is amazing and I was hooked until the last page. The way the story is written from different view points is very interesting as we find out what different people's views were at the time. This book is about a ship that sunk in 1945, during World War two. Sadly, 10,000 people died, most of them were children. I think it is shocking that no one has ever really been told about this story, it has just been sot of forgotten even if it is something that is so important in our world's history. Even more people died on this ship than the titanic, which is one of the most famous ships to have sunk. I thank this author for making people aware about it and ending it in such a lovely way. It will stay with me forever.

Posted on: 19th May 2017 at 07:45 am

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