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Simran, NLCS Senior School


This book certainly was written by a vivid imagination, but unfortunately the description is too long and tedious so that the readers can't keep up with the world the author is building. The characterization is done simplistically and whilst its clear, its not unique or stylistic. This book is very hard to get stuck into and quite frankly bores the reader. I stopped reading not even half way through and to ensure I hadn't not given it a chance, I flipped through to the end. Unfortunately I found that the style remained the same towards the end. The plot is entirely basic and common, failing to capture the reader's interest. This was the kind of book that was a chore to finish and I could easily put down. I don't think it should be a contender in this award, let alone the winner.

Posted on: 19th May 2017 at 09:28 am

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