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Zarah, Swanshurst School Greenaway Group

A Great Big Cuddle

The author of this book is Michael Rosen.I like this book even though it is very kids like.However the drawings really stood out to me as they were very interesting.The age group for this would be 4-8 years old as they will love this book and enjoy it too.Kids at that age love colourful things so this book will really intrigue them.

The author has used very different font sizes, colours and layout of poem to make it interesting to the reader.He has used lists, repetitive paragraphs and captions that are moving along with he pictures.The list writing makes the reader read fast and also it has a bit of humour as the sentences rhyme.The illustrations shows the toys coming to life in the imagination of a child as the picture reflects the texts.Also children play with their toys and play as if they are real and have feelings so it helps children understand the poem.
The thing that has interested me that the illustrator has drawer the pictures first time, he didn't do a practice and then do a real one which is really good.Also some of pictures are big and some are small which catches the attention of the reader.

This book would be very boring without any pictures and no one would find it interesting.

Posted on: 19th May 2017 at 11:18 am

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