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Lorna, St Helen and St Katharine

Wed Wabbit

I found Wed Wabbit a very fun, lively book. It's very well-constructed and easy to read. You don't find out what the plot is until at least a quarter of the way through the book, yet that first quarter is still enthralling, and the author is still in control. lots of people would say: it's fantasy, it isn't real. But it still seems real because lots of characters do believable things, though the landscape and appearance of most of the characters is quite unrealistic. Everything gets tidied up at the end, which in my opinion is rather important in a book and there are no cliff-hangers.
My favourite characters were the wimbley woos, because they all have different appearances and personalities, which can be rather amusing at times. Lots of the characters in Wed Wabbit are quite unbelievable, like Dr carrot and the wimbleys, and the overall landscape is meant to be from Fidge's little sister's favourite book which is slightly strange, but as you get further into the book all the characters start to develop and you get sucked into all the mystery and wonder of the book. As you read chapter after chapter, you meet new people and discover new places until the only place left is home.
I love the style of writing the author uses in Wed Wabbit, it starts off with reality and then dives into fantasy, presenting the reader with so many unbelievable things that it becomes believable. At the start it's just unhappy Fidge, a difficult sister and a forgetful mother, but suddenly it becomes: excitable wimbley woos, determined Fidge, theatrical Ella, amusing Dr carrot, and over obsessive Graham. The book is quite an easy read with a good balance between narrative and informal dialogue. I would give it eight out of ten because although it was an amazing fantasy adventure, I would have liked it to be a little longer.

Posted on: 19th April 2018 at 09:15 am

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