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Chloe, St Helen and St Katharine

The Hate U Give

The hate you give is a teen/ pre-teen book about a girl called Starr and how she witnesses her best friend being shot by a police man also her two separate worlds: her life at school and her life at home. This book contains a lot of swearing which spoils the book a bit because people don’t want to read a book that contains swearing, that goes completely over the top.
The plot is very clear and well-constructed it also has twist and turns around every page. I thought I was very near to the end of the book once but then I had to put the book down and I realized that I still had around a quarter of the book to go! The author is very clearly in control of the plot normally but sometimes it escalades out of control. Some of the events in this book aren’t really believable in modern day society, but that is the fun with books, I guess, you don’t have to make it realistic. It still made a good story. Most loose ends are tied up at the end but some things were left untold. Which is normal because then the authors can write a second book if they want to.
These characters are quite realistic because lots of people swear and come from bad places yet go to a posh school and want to cover up where they live. So, sometimes Starr acts like she is a popular, posh girl but when she gets home she becomes the rough (but not that rough) and grown-up but inside she worries about both her worlds and everything inside them. I would expect Starr to swear because everyone around her swears. Starr, also, has an almost normal life and the book was really realistic and actually (unfortunately) is believable and possible.
The author creates a moody atmosphere after Khalil is murdered. This shows particularly in Starr’s character because she is the witness of Khalil’s death. With almost everything worrying her and getting on her nerves, Starr struggles to stay calm with violence going on everywhere, who can blame her. Also, the book contains a lot of slang words and swear words with a mixture of long and short sentences.
My thoughts on the book are very good, apart from the swearing. I especially like the parts when everyone came together as a family against all the bad people. This is because when everyone came together they were stronger. I would mark The Hate U Give an eight out of ten because the one thing that brought it down for me is all the swearing it contains, I don’t mind a little swearing in some places but this book just contained an overload of swearing. Apart from that, it was a really good plot and an amazing book that I would recommend to people who are at least 12+.

Posted on: 19th April 2018 at 09:25 am

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