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Mrs Leigh, Channing School

Beyond the Bright Sea

I was keen to read this as (guiltily!) I found the cover so appealing and intriguing! I loved the opening of the novel and the setting and felt it all had huge promise as Crow has such an interesting backstory and a beautiful island home. While the relationship between Osh and Crow was so special - and the island of Penikese and its history fascinating - I found the plot really unconvincing!

I just had that nagging feeling that I must have missed bits when things had been decided between characters and I also felt it was obvious when something bad was about to happen (and I'd already worked out what that was going to be!). I really wanted to like it (and I certainly felt fond of Crow, Osh and Miss Maggie) but I felt that there were clumsily-constructed moments and it all felt a bit far-fetched!

All in all, a beautiful and fascinating historical setting with likeable characters but disappointing plot development.

Posted on: 19th April 2018 at 01:44 pm

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