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Madaline S, Karnegie Kids

The Stars at Oktober Bend

I loved this book, it is an amazing story with interesting characters and an exciting story line. I found it a real page turner and could not put it down, each page is an emotional roller coaster. You sympathise for the characters and bond with them. I loved the way it is written especially on Alice's parts as it is written like a diary. Some people, however, may disagree with me as certain chapters have no capital letters, i found this fine to read and flowed very well. I also love the way the writer inserts little clues in the poems Alice writes about what has actually happened to Alice and the devastation it has caused the whole family as well as the lasting effect it has had.The short poems Alice has written in her chapters add something else to the story and enable the reader to have a better understanding with how Alice often feels and her interesting, unique look on life. I loved the swap between characters as it enables a different perspective on the events that take place in the story. However, it may not be suitable for younger readers as it needs a level of maturity to deal with the traumatic events that take place. Younger readers may also not be able to fully understand what has happened to Alice and therefore not pick up on the subtle clues left by writer.

Posted on: 19th May 2017 at 01:59 pm

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