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Maya, French International School Hong Kong

Salt to the Sea

This book is a great read. It takes place during World War 2 and follows 4 fascinating characters as they seek freedom on the 'Wilhelm Gustloff', a ship that promises safety to all refugees. At first, I was very uneasy about reading it. Historical fiction is not a genre I usually enjoy, but this book made me think differently.

The writing was so extraordinary. I felt like every word in this novel had a purpose, and every sentence would just flow. The way Ruta laid out the story using the perspectives of the 4 characters was just so beautiful,each had their own role and story to tell.

I felt so much for the 4 characters (Joana, Alfred "Frick", Florian Beck and Emilia) and their struggles. Towards the end of the book I felt like I knew them and I wished I could've change their fate. The one character I was not completely satisfied with was Alfred. Alfred’s point of view seemed dependent and brain-washed.

Overall, this is a great book! I surely will remember the characters, and the way it was written. Finding out this was a true story, makes you think differently of us humans doing these stupid things pushing people to the extremes. Until they just break. Amazing read! I recommend 100% because it also contains quite mature and delicate themes which I think would also be enjoyable to older readers.

Posted on: 1st April 2017 at 06:22 am

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