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DAISY, Sidcot School


"Rook" is the story of two brothers (Kenny and Nicky) who live with their father in the countryside. The name of the book relates to the beginning of the story as the two brothers rescue a rook from dying after an attack from a larger bird. Further on into the story, Nicky begins to experience his own issues at school, including bullying and having a crush on a girl. Nicky makes a mistake but it ends up getting sorted.

To begin the story, it opens from the Rooks perspective but soon changes. Its quite an easy read, it would be best suited for year 9 and under as its quite a basic storyline and doesnt grab the attention as its almost too realistic to the point it isn't as interesting.

I did enjoy the book but i wouldnt re-read it. Anthony McGowan is a good author for his specific audience and it was generally a plain but enjoyable book.

Posted on: 19th April 2018 at 03:43 pm

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