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Emma S, Littleover Community School

Where the World Ends

I look at this book and think ooh this is gonna be good. It's not, its the worst book that I have ever read.

First of all the plot of the book. This has a very dull and weird plot. They start saying how their concerned that the ship won't come. They then talk about the abcs!!!!! WHAT!

Next this is an old book and I respect that bits and pieces will be a bit sexist. This was just overboard! The boys always were chasing after the girl called John (is that even a girls name) and they would always put her into some sort of dangerous or harsh situations. She is also a keeper of a useless thing if I remember correctly!

Finally the book itself is just.....strange. A boy walks into a wall and cracks his head open. If he had any sense he would say "What happened?" NO! He says "Wheres my iron finger?" No just no. The names were also interesting. Quilliam is that even a name?! As I said JOHN IS A BOYS NAME NOT A GIRLS NAME!!

I have never had to force myself to read a book but I had to with this it was that bad! I hope other people enjoy this more than I did but I just did not see the point in the book.

Posted on: 19th April 2018 at 06:14 pm

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