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Tom A, Tunbridge Wells Grammar School For Boys

Saint Death

Saint Death was a very intriguing book and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I was surprised that there elements of non-fiction in this book as it tells the story of people living on the America-Mexico border and the dangers they face living there if they owe any member of infamous gangs. It also raises awareness about the corruption of police in that area and how they will do nothing, even if there are serial killers on the loose, if they are paid.

It was also very interesting about the power of religion and how that saints or gods may not have political power but thy can influence perhaps the most important thing, people's actions and minds. In this story, the god is Saint Death and this belief that she can influence minds and decisions is shown what Arturo is playing calavera and Saint Death or blanco hermana is either with him he wins after being played a five and he will win big but if he loses Saint Death will abandon him and he will continue and end up in debt.

One of the most surprising moments of this book ,and this will stick with me for a while, is the ending which went so dark I could barely read it. It was this stunning realism that made me love this book as this story, even though it was fictional, could well be the story of millions of people living in this very frightening place. This is evident in the last few sentences where it starts completely heartfelt and ends with the fact that maybe all Arturo's work was for nothings.

Overall, I would strongly recommend Saint Death if you enjoy books with gritty realism and want to read a book that is different to every other story you have read.

Posted on: 19th April 2018 at 07:41 pm

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