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Simran, Colton's Keen Readers


The book started of as a point of view of a bird- more specifically a rook. The bird was close to death however two boys saved it. Kenny and Nicky pay heed to the injured bird, later the rook was sent to a refuge for wild birds. Whilst this all happens, Nicky is facing his own problems with school. He tries to confront his crush but never has the nerve to do so. He also gets expelled from his school for causing a boy (who was also Nicky's bully) to have a fit. Towards the end, we find out Nicky didn't cause the fit and he gets back to school after being suspended for three days for violence and swearing. The ending was clearly a happy one, however in my opinion, I believe this book was rather simple. It didn't have an edge to it, to make you want to carry on reading. It was about teenage life so it should be quite relatable to young readers however (like mentioned before) it was quite simple.

Posted on: 19th April 2018 at 08:44 pm

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