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Sai Sivakumar, Spalding High School

The Bone Sparrow

In this book, the harsh reality of the lamentable, heart-wrenching events that take place in various parts of the world are illustrated through the way the author presents the characters. For instance, the disregard and nonchalance the characters show to the things that we today would be repulsed and disgusted by, increases the impact that the book has on the reader overall. This book is really eye-opening and allows the reader to go through the rollercoaster of emotions the characters go through. The overall plot was valuable, and is a book that will stay with you. The style in which the author has written the book is suitable for the topic they have chosen, making you admire this commendable book after reading it. Overall, it is something that everyone should read, and should expect a few tears and surprises...

Posted on: 19th May 2017 at 07:23 pm

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