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Maariya, Chobham Academy Book Group


I started Railheads hoping that it would be a book which would take my breath away- seeing as it was written by Philip Reeve. However, a chapter into the book and my patience was already tried. The author's language and writing style was exceptional- however, I really did not enjoy the story line, plot and characters. I also did not like the setting, which was in the future and, majority of the time, the characters spent the story around trains and railway stations. But for me, there was also the issue of the fact that Zen Starling (the main character) was not around enough friends or humans or people his own age; this for me made the story pretty dull as one of the first friends he had was actually a robot... and she ended up dying! To be honest, I am usually the person that perseveres with a book, but with Railhead I couldn't carry on reading it and I left the book half-way. This was due to the fact that the book did not keep me engaged. Although I disliked the book, there were still some aspects which I found particularly interesting, such as the "Guardians". Overall, I really did not enjoy the book as much as I thought I would, but would maybe recommend it for people who enjoy books about trains and futuristic novels.

Posted on: 20th May 2017 at 01:43 pm

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