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Rahul K, Chobham Academy Book Group

Wild Animals of the North

I really enjoyed looking at the pictures in this book. Wild animals of the north is filled with beautiful and eye-catching pictures.

This book involves lots of 3D images that look really realistic. The book has lots of cubism art in it. (Cubism was one of the most visual art styles of the early twentieth century).

I would say this book is best for teens or young adults... I think this because of how detailed the pictures are... But some children may like it as well. the backgrounds of the pictures are also very detailed. For example i saw an image of birds flying. In this image you could see how beautifully detailed the sky and clouds were.

I also saw a picture of an animal running. In this picture the illustrator drew a blurry features around the animal to show that the animal is running at a fast speed.

About the text of the book:

The text in the book was quite small. This is good because the writing does't take your mind of the image. Because it is a picture book the writing as purposely been written small so it does't distract you from the picture. Although I think the writing should have been just a bit bigger for people who have struggle reading small text.

over all i rate this book a 5/5

Rahul Kumar

Posted on: 20th May 2017 at 02:42 pm

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