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Bethany Mead, Highsted Carnegie Group


'Rook' is an interesting story that I have mixed feelings about. The story is simple and involves the lives of two brothers who find a wounded rook one day while walking their dog. As the book progresses, the story shifts to focus on their school and home lives, looking at the various difficulties they face from: Kenny's unique situation, to their mum leaving home, to fitting in and finding friends.

I loved the beautiful and emotive descriptions of the birds in the opening section. The use of language is vivid and immediately draws the reader in. I also thought that Nicky's feelings were well presented and you could empathise with his life straight away.

However, I did feel that the story was predictable and could have been more original in the path it took. I was disappointed that we didn't hear more of the rook's voice - I thought interesting parallels could have been drawn between the rook's and the boys' lives if this had been developed further.

Overall, I enjoyed reading it but wished it had taken a different and more complex direction.

Posted on: 20th April 2018 at 09:54 am

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