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Paige, St Augustines Catholic College

The Stars at Oktober Bend

The Stars at Oktober bend is a tragic tale of a girl, Alice, who gets attacked. The attack leaves her physical body unable to age, leaving writing and speaking difficult to her. The only way that she can properly tell people her feelings (and that she is actually almost 16, not 12), is with poetry. A boy called Manny finds them, and falls in love with her. This story is perfect for people who love tragic-romantic stories.
I actually quite enjoyed this book. I loved the overall ideas, and the storyline. The character of Alice was a nice one, and the growing relationship of her and Manny made for an enjoyable and pleasant read.
The only thing I didn’t like about this book was the short sentences and complete lower case that Alice uses when talking in her point of view. It’s very confusing at times, and I’ve had to reread passages multiple times to properly understand what she’s saying.
Some points in the book are actually quite emotional, some even created tears in my eyes! Alice’s story is especially sad, and her saying it in poetry makes it even sadder, because it’s obvious she’s having trouble saying how she’s attacked. And that’s just one example.
There’s not much else to talk about now; just that I really like it and recommend it to anyone who likes tragic-romantic stories.
Enjoy! :)

Posted on: 20th May 2017 at 08:07 pm

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