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Harry.V, Glossopdale School


Rook is a short novel written by Anthony McGowan about two brothers from a town in Yorkshire called Nicky and Kenny.This book is about when the two brother's find a rook on the beach struggling for it's life. Kenny is determined to save this poor bird but Nicky never believed that this bird would make it through. This book also talks about the life of the rook which is very sad and how it ended up almost dead on a beach.

I didn't enjoy this book too much at first as it got very repetitive around the middle of the book but in the end it wasn't too bad and I quite enjoyed it. The end of this book is very heartwarming when Kenny and Nicky go to pick the bird that almost died up from the vet where they sent it because the poor bird was very ill. In the end the boys let the bird go free it was as good as new. This shows that if you commit to something, you can accomplish it.

Posted on: 20th April 2018 at 12:34 pm

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