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Hikram, CoLA Chatterbooks

Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth

Prez Mellows is a listing specialist. He's been making lists for a very long time on sticky notes to help his granddad remember important life facts, His lists help save the planet when a space-traveling alien, Sputnik, shows up on Earth and enlists Prez's help to come up with 10 reasons Earth should be spared; otherwise, it will be shrunk to oblivion. To Prez' Sputnik looks like a boy wearing a kilt, but to everyone else, he looks like a dog. Selectively mute, Prez is trying to come to grips with being in a "temporary" foster home with a raucous family, while mistakenly thinking his granddad was taken away to prison rather than a nursing home. Surely this Book invites readers to believe while going on a mind-bending adventure that would definitely pull in a wide audience. I rate this Book 5 out of 5

Posted on: 21st May 2017 at 04:36 pm

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