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Maisie , Sweyne Park School

Salt to the Sea

Sat to the Sea is an incredibly moving and eye-opening book, which I loved - in fact, I loved it so much, it's my favourite book in the Carnegie awards. Every single page kept me gripped and wanting to know more and I'm sure that's clear to see as I finished it in 3 days! Throughout the whole book, I didn't actually realise the Wilhem Gustloff was a real ship that sank in the war and I thought that it made the book even better! Obviously the topic of a world war (especially from the opponent's point of view) is extremely difficult to write about without making it too upsetting or hard to understand it, but the author did this book complete justice and every character added something different to the book. I loved Emilia and Joana's characters as they were both exceptionally strong and brave - not to mention inspiring! Every description gave me shivers down my spine and the book really showed how tough the war was for people who weren't fighting, however fighting for their lives. I give this book an obvious 10/10 and I highly recommend it to anyone, even if historical-novel isn't really your favourite genre.

Posted on: 22nd May 2017 at 08:10 am

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