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Laurence, London Oratory School

Wed Wabbit

Everyone had that time in their life, when your life consist of thwee thwings. Toys, your family and your teddy. wevisit that carefwee time with a book packed with all the thwings you loved about the most.

Wed Wabbit is a story about two children who have had a weeealy sucky time. They have learnt to take control of what twoubles them and to grab it by the scwuff and deal with it the way adults tell them to do.

I would also say that Lissa Evans has a wonderful talent for cweating chawacters that get in your head, and stay there, no matter how many times you may attempt to get them out. Just like the childlike songs and stereotypes she shoves in the book “In Wimbley Land live Wimbley Woos / Who come in many different hues[…] Yellow are timid, Blue are strong / Grey are wise and rarely wrong …”
In conclusion, I would say that this book is well written and has the ability to bring you back to your childlike days,(though sometimes the bits you may now want to remember) and makes you wembwer it, AND YOU WONT FOGET IT.
The book is meant to be“Wead it pwoply, with expwession!”and parents who buy it for their children may end up reading it themselves.

Posted on: 20th April 2018 at 03:11 pm

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