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Charlotte S, West Hatch Readers

The Hate U Give

This book told the tale of a girl who lived in two contrasting societies. One being her home, a neighbourhood grasped by poverty, drugs and gang culture. Another being her posh private school, where her friends lead lives full of luxury and wealth, much different to hers. When a past friend is shot in her home town, these two societies collide, leaving her lost and afraid. Her voice could help her community to receive justice for the wrong doings which occurred there. Though it could also lead to the death of her. I enjoyed this book as it was very different to the books I would normally read. Definitely worth reading. It gave me a real insight into the difficulties and challenges faced by those in neighbourhoods like Starrs. As readers, we were put into her shoes to feel the emotions that Starr felt during the difficult times after the shooting. Charlotte x

Posted on: 20th April 2018 at 03:49 pm

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