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Prashi, Herschel Grammar Literary Detectives

The Bone Sparrow

Firstly, I would like to start of the review by dedicating a few words of thanks to the author Zana Fraillon. Speaking up against things takes courage, especially speaking up against things which some people, some powerful people, want to keep hidden or are deliberately trying to erase from people’s memories. In light of this, and keeping in mind the scorn and opposition she might’ve faced, I believe that Zana Fraillon has done a wonderful and courageous job. Authors like her should receive the full appreciation that they deserve as they are not afraid to raise their voice and make a change. Even if only one person reads this and likes it, it may just turn out that it’s the one person who has the power to change the lives of these people in the book. Therefore it’s important to write books, and even more important to read them. The book depicts the journey of a young Rohingyan refugee boy – Subhi. The readers get to know of the horrible conditions of his camp through the innocent eyes of a nine year old boy. The novel explores themes such as family, freedom, rights, sacrifices, friendship and death. The arrival of ‘Jimmie’ through a ‘hole in the fence’ symbolises that no fence can keep true friendship from forming and no amount of camouflaging will ever cover up the atrocities committed by some persons in the camps and that the truth will always be revealed. Fraillon adds an element of fantasy into the book, perhaps for readers who are comfortable to not dive to the depths of the real moral of the book. However, the fantasy is engaging and sets the tone according to our nine year old narrator. The novel ends with Subhi getting an opportunity to testify about his life story to the outside world. This small display of democracy lights hope in the hearts of many that Someday, maybe all stories will end this way...

Posted on: 22nd May 2017 at 11:47 am

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