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Tommy N, Glossopdale School

After the Fire

"The things I've seen are burned into me, like scars that refuse to fade."

'After the Fire' by Will Hill is about a seventeen year old girl called Moonbeam. She is caught up in a fire and ends up in 'The Base' with no family or friends around her she is confused and scared. Moonbeam meets nearly everyday with Dr. Robert Hernandez in 'Interview Room 1' where she is asked questions about the fire but with father John in her head she is told never the speak to 'outsiders'.

I found this novel very gripping and dark at some points. It's very powerful with the story line and descriptions and has a lot of tense and uplifting moments throughout. The chapters are either named 'After or 'Before' which is very mysterious and makes the novel almost have two stories in it.

My favourite character was Agent Carlyle because throughout the book he is kind hearted and positive. Also, he understands Moonbeam and is sympathetic towards her. However my least favourite character was Dr. R. Hernandez because all he wants is information from Moonbeam and comes across as cocky and I feel he doesn't really care for Moonbeam like Agent Carlyle does.

I enjoyed reading this book and would give it a four out of five. I would recommend it to anyone aged 13-16 because its hard to understand at some parts.

Posted on: 20th April 2018 at 03:54 pm

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